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Project Name: Entrepreneurship Education (International)
Degree: Master of Education
This program is run by the College of Entrepreneurship of Wenzhou University and it sets out to nurturing interdisciplinary entrepreneurship talents with broad international outlook, sound knowledge base and practical skills in starting and running businesses, keen business acumen in a complex business environment both home and abroad. It is based in the regional economy of Wenzhou, integrates business resources of Wenzhouese all over the world, devotes a great part of learning in hands on business initiation and operation.   In the sphere of business education and management, students will be supervised by mentors from both within and outside the university.  All coursed are conducted in English by using original English textbooks, handouts and handbooks.  After completion of this program, students will be ready for real business scenarios. They can alternatively become professionals in accounting firms, law firms, stock companies or consultancies, or even join the faculty of entrepreneurship education in higher education institutions.
Students with intergovernmental scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship or Zhejiang provincial scholarship are particularly welcome to this program.  For those without those scholarships, Wenzhou University will provide full scholarship for your first year's study.  Based on your academic performance in the first year, students can get full or partial scholarships.  Your supervisor will provide allowance for your assisting in research activities.  Therefore, students admitted into this program have sufficient financial resources to cover tuition and fees.
Main Courses
Entrepreneurship Management, Wenzhou Model and Entrepreneur Spirits, Key Issues in Entrepreneurship, Creative Thinking, Project Assessment, Project Road Show, Project Operation, Business Plan, etc.  Most learning takes place outside the traditional classroom setting so that students can closely observe business operation and sense the difference in business cultures between China and the Western world. Face time with entrepreneurs can enhance your understanding of small and middle-sized enterprises and reaching feasible solution to real world business challenges.
To help international students better adapt to the new circumstances in Wenzhou, study mate from the same college will be assigned to each new student.
1. Non-Chinese citizen, physically and mentally healthy.
2. University graduate or equivalent qualification.
3.     Require IELTS score not less than 5.5 or TOEFL score at least 60.
Application Materials:
1. Wenzhou University Application for Admission (International Students).
Copy of valid passport.
3. Photocopy of your bachelor degree certificate.
4. Transcript of undergraduate courses.
5. English proficiency evidence (For non-native English speakers: IELTS 6.0, TOFEL iBT 75 or equivalent internationally recognized English test report).
6. Two recommendation letters.
7. Two passport-size photos.
Duration: 3 years (Courses + Practice)
Tuition: RMB 22,000 / year
Other Fees:
Application fee: RMB 800 / USD 120
Health insurance: RMB 800 per year
Accommodation: RMB 4,000 per year (Double room)
Campus card: RMB 12
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