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                       Wenzhou University is a local comprehensive university, located in Wenzhou - known as “advocating commercial culture and well-developed market”. Being rooted in such rich local culture, the school insisted on digging abundant resources for running schools and strengthening the feature of entrepreneurship education, and made it throughout the whole process of talent cultivation, to train the applied talents with high quality in “focusing on practice, enhancing innovation, venturing new business, knowing management and daring to burden responsibility”.

Since 2001 the school has carried out the entrepreneurship education, with revolution and development for past 15 years, it has formed the Wenzhou Pattern for enterprising  talent with the distinguished feature, the school has gained with the second prize of national teaching results and has ever achieved the first prize of provincial teaching results, was also established for the pilot zone of the Wenzhou Pattern in national enterprising talent cultivation, the demonstration school of national entrepreneurship education, the college and university of national “graduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program” in the first batch, their education experience was also praised as one of the four major entrepreneurship education among domestic colleges and universities.
In      2009 the school organized the entrepreneurship      college     with the departmental system and entity operation in earliest batch of China.      The main mission of the entrepreneurship      college      shall be to plan the school entrepreneurship education work as a whole, take charge of the establishment of general education curriculum in entrepreneurship category, the teaching and management of entrepreneurship education pilot class, the incubation of campus enterprising projects and the works for research of entrepreneurship education and social service etc. The institute has set     11      staff in specialty, assigned the responsible persons in both the employment department, dean’s office and the Youth League committee to hold the position of vice Dean of the entrepreneurship institute at the same time, hired more than 80 teachers and tutors specialized in entrepreneurship inside and outside the school.

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